Q: Text seems misplaced at the interface. The text bleeds over the edges and it is wrapped to multiple lines.

A: The problem is caused by the Windows font size.
Windows default is Small 100%. But if you have Medium 125% it messes the game.
This is the solution (for windows 7):
1.Right Click on the Desktop and select "Personalize"
2. Under the “see also” at the bottom left select "Display"
3. Select Font Size Small 100% Default
Run the game and the problem will be fixed.

Q: What are the hardware requirements?
A: Windows 8/ Windows 7/XP/Vista
1024x768 Resolution
500MB free hard disk space

Q: Can I play the game without changing my screen resolution to 1024x768?
A: Just hit F2 to switch to windows mode. Hit F1 to see the rest of the short keys.